HOW LONG IS A SESSION?  A standard session is 90 minutes.

WHAT DOES MY SESSION PACKAGE INCLUDE? Each session includes a private online gallery to view photos with 10-20 digital photos.

WHERE IS MY PHOTO SESSION HELD? Sessions can be on location or at the Minneapolis or St. Paul studio. There is an extra charge for locations further than 30 miles outside of Minneapolis.

WHEN DO YOU REQUIRE PAYMENT? Payment is due at time of session. Cash, personal checks or credit through PayPal is accepted.

HOW WILL I RECEIVE MY PHOTOS? Digital photos will be provided via Dropbox. CD’s are available for an additional $5.

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY PHOTOS? Turnaround time for photos is two weeks on a standard session.

WHAT PHOTOEDITING SERVICES DO YOU PROVIDE? Basic edits and retouches are included in the rate. (Smoothing face/hair, teeth whitening) Extra editing and retouches are charged at an hourly fee.

WHAT EXTRA FEES DO YOU CHARGE? Location rental fees, if applicable, will be added to the session fee. Sessions include the photographer, Tracy Blowers. A second photographer can be provided at an extra fee. Assistants for the session, hair, makeup and stylist can be provided at an extra fee.

My goal for every photo shoot is to capture and bring my client’s vision to life. I am more about the natural moments but understand the importance of a pose. My shoots and style are relaxed and professional but fun!

To understand more about my style, the shoots and other details, please see the page or contact me directly at Tracy@urbanwildmedia.com


WHAT IS THE FIRST STEP?  The first step is contacting me via email or phone 218-831-4614 or tracy@urbanwildmedia.com. We will discuss your photo session needs, wants and timing. Also, please take a look at the client questionnaire.

PLANNING SESSION: Based on your photo session needs and answers on your questionnaire, we can have a planning session via the phone, email, or meet in person. I will help you with ideas, props and finding the best location. Also, keep in mind - sessions do not need to be completely planned. Some of the best shots are the unexpected!

WHERE WILL WE MEET? We will meet at the determined location or the studio.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? Expect to have fun! I know many people are uncomfortable being photographed, so I make the experience as relaxed as possible. We will work as a team and find your best angles, expressions and smiles. Don’t worry about striking a pose…I will tell you when to look at the camera and when to pose. I truly like to capture those natural moments so will be shooting at unexpected times. If I am not telling you to be in a certain pose, you look great as you are!

WHAT DO YOU EXPECT OF ME DURING THE SHOOT? Just to be yourself and as natural as possible. I understand it can be unnerving and talk you through each step of the way. Please feel comfortable to tell me during a session if you have an idea or want to try a pose. I love trying new things, am open to new ideas and will tell you if it looks good and works. We are a team!

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Be yourself! These photos are a moment of YOU. Make sure you are confident and happy with your choice. I do recommend staying away from loud patterns because it takes away from you. For family shots, below are some color scheme ideas. Also remember to wear varying shades of each so that each person stands out. You can check out my Pinterest Board “Family Photos - Color Schemes” for visual ideas as well.

*Black or Blues, Tans & Whites

*Blue, Oranges or Yellows & White

*Black, Grays, Plums

*Teal and shades of Purple

*Grays and Yellows

DO I NEED TO REMOVE MY GLASSES FOR PHOTOS?  I can control glare for photos at the studio. Outdoor photos shoots are harder to control the reflections in the lens. Based on the importance of the shoot, you might want to have your optician remove the lens of the glasses before the shoot.

WHEN WILL I SEE THE PROOFS?  You will see proofs via an online gallery (I will email you the link) within two weeks for a standard session. For events or larger shoots, it could be up to four weeks.

CAN I PUT THE PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK OR MY BLOG? Yes! I only ask that you use the photos provided for these platforms and that you leave my logo on the images.

WHAT KIND OF EQUIPMENT DO YOU USE?  I use a Canon 7D and a Tamron 18-270mm lens. At the studio, I use various types of lighting equipment. For outdoor shoots, I use all natural light. At this time I do not have a back-up camera so if there were technical difficulties, we would reschedule the shoot. Another camera coming soon!


WHAT IF OUR SESSION IS RAINED OUT?  If our session is rained out, we will reschedule

WHAT IF I HAVE TO CANCEL?  If you have to cancel, please notify me as soon as possible. There will be no cancellation fee as long as the session is rescheduled. If not rescheduled, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged.

WHAT IF YOU HAVE TO CANCEL?  If I have to cancel, we will reschedule. If the session is not able to be rescheduled due to timing then I will do my best to find another photographer to cover the shoot.

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