A girl with a camera always looking for a new angle…

Universal Soul Photography is my passion come to life. I love taking something simple and turning it into art, showing a new perspective. I also love capturing moments and telling a story through pictures. Images that will stir the soul.

Throughout my career in the corporate world, my hobby in photography is what fed my creative side. I have been a receptionist, a stockbroker, a manager, travel director, marketing assistant and event planner. While I enjoyed these jobs, something was missing. I wanted to build my own business, feel passion for what I was doing and how I was living.Then one day this insatiable craving took over and I leaped! Thus the beginning of Urban Wild Media & Universal Soul Photography.

I never thought of myself as creative, until one day a bump on the head (literally) opened my eyes. Through an accident, my right brain flourished.  My photography was taken to a new level and I started writing. I now Blog and am working on my first book. You will either find me taking pictures, writing, or on a social media platform. My sweet spot for social media is because it is how I reconnected with my true love, Terry. He is my inspiration, my muse.

Urban Wild Media was a seed that was planted many years ago. My business partner, Sara, and I had many conversations and now it has come to fruition. Looking back, I can see how each job, each step was giving us the experience and knowledge to launch Urban Wild Media. It brings together all of our strengths and allows us to help other people create, market and showcase their businesses and themselves.

Oh and I love great music and food…and wine.  Life is an incredible journey.  Hop on for the ride!

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